Development of Moscow


    A BOOKLET recently issued in Moscow entitled "Moscow in Figures" (London: Russia To-day Press Service) shows the development of the Soviet capital in recent years. According to the figures given, during the last thirteen years the population of Moscow has more than doubled, at present, numbering 4,137,000. Moscow is now the third largest city in the world. The number of workers and employees in the factories and institutions of Moscow in 1939 reached 2,300,000, as against 600,000 in 1913. In 1938 there were 117,200 births in Moscow. The city has 175 scientific research institutions in which 9,000 scientific workers are engaged. The higher educational institutions of Moscow have 95,000 students. During the last four years 350 new schools have been built. The number of pupils at present attending the Moscow schools is 608,300.

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