Animal Organisers


    Current Science is to be congratulated on presenting to Indian readers a comprehensive résumé of research on organisers ("Organisers in Animal Development", Supp. Curr. Sci., August 1939, Bangalore). There are eight articles contributed by the distinguished investigators, O. Mangold, E. Rotmann, J. Holtfreter, P. Weiss, W. Luther, C. H. Waddington, S. Hörstadius and C. M. Child. Four of the articles are in German, the remainder in English. There are numerous illustrations. The subjects discussed range from the general work of organisers during development and the special factors influencing their activities, to collateral fields of research such as the study of regeneration of lost parts and physiological gradients. A certain amount of repetition and overlapping is inevitable in a series such as this, and it would have been helpful if a summary of the articles could have been provided.

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    Animal Organisers. Nature 145, 98–99 (1940).

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