Paæolithic Man in the North Midlands


    NOW that the text of Mr. A. Leslie Armstrong's Wilde Memorial Lecture is available in full (Mem. and Proc. Manchester Lit. and Phil. Soc. 1938–39, 83, 1939. Separate, pp. 30, with plates. Price 1s.), the results of the investigations summarized in that lecture call for more extended notice than was possible at the time of its delivery on March 14 last (see NATURE, 143, 512; 1939). As Mr. Armstrong pointed out, the North Midland area, that is, the Trent basin north of Leicester, has yielded evidence which now makes it possible to demonstrate on a stratigraphic showing the presence of man here during every stage of the palæolithic period more completely than for any other part of England.

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    Paæolithic Man in the North Midlands. Nature 145, 78–79 (1940).

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