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Early Works on Medicine and Science

Nature volume 145, page 66 (13 January 1940) | Download Citation



WE have received from Messrs. Goldschmidt and Co., Ltd., 45 Old Bond Street, W.1, their Catalogue No. 53 listing rare early works on medicine and science. Pride of place is occupied by a good and large copy in vellum of the first edition of William Harvey's "De Motu Cordis" (1628), and also a copy of the rare third edition of the same work. A complete set of Conrad Gesner's "Natural History" (1551), three of Kepler's important works, a work by Joseph Black on alkalis (1770) and William Withering's "An Account of the Foxglove" are also to be noted. A number of less rare though none the less important books and tracts by Erasmus Darwin, Euler, Faraday, Fayrer, Fraunhofer, Stephen Hales, Mendeléeff, Pasteur, Lister, Fox Talbot and many others are also listed.

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