Fused All-Glass Cells


    MESSRS. TINTOMETER LTD., of Salisbury, announce the manufacture of a range of fused all-glass cells suitable for holding liqiiids for colorimetry, photometry, polarimetry and other purposes. The construction of the standard type consists of a body of a single bend of glass with faces of clear glass sintered to it. This avoids the use of the usual cements, which often break down under the attack of alkalis and other solvents. It is claimed that the accuracy of the thickness is within ± 4 × 10-3 in. for cells of one inch or less; moreover, examination shows that distortion of the faces in the sintering process has been very largely avoided. Beside the standard types, hollow cubes, prisms, rectangular cells, double light-filter cells, and 'blood' cells are also being manufactured. It appears that these products will form a useful addition to the range of such articles manufactured in Great Britain.

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    Fused All-Glass Cells. Nature 145, 65 (1940). https://doi.org/10.1038/145065c0

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