Bending of Glass under Long Continued Stress


I HAVE tried the following experiment: A piece of optically flat crown glass 3·5 cm. long, and 1·5 cm. broad and 0·3 cm. thick, was supported on wood at the extreme ends, and the middle was loaded with 6 kgm. applied by means of a wooden chisel edge, which carried a weight moving in guides above. It remained in position from April 6, 1938, to December 13, 1939. At the end of that time the glass was taken out and tested on an optical flat by means of interference fringes. It was found to have been bent, the sagitta of the arc amounting to 2·5 bands or 1·25 waves, that is, about 6 × 10–5 cm.

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RAYLEIGH Bending of Glass under Long Continued Stress. Nature 145, 29 (1940).

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