Malnutrition in South Africa


    AN informative survey of the state of nutrition of the peoples of South Africa is given by Ellen Radloff and T. W. B. Osborn in a pamphlet with the above title (Johannesburg: The Witwatersrand University Press, 1939. 2s.). South Africa has been spoken of as the most prosperous country in the world, which is a true statement for a minority of the European section. But South Africa is also a country of poor whites and poorer blacks, which is true for several millions of non-Europeans and several hundred thousands of Europeans. The principal dietary essentials for proper nutrition are discussed, with descriptions of the conditions that result when these are deficient. Tables are given of the vitamin content of common foodstuffs and of typical South African diets.

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    Malnutrition in South Africa. Nature 145, 22 (1940).

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