Prof. W. P. Jorissen


    THE Netherlands Chemical Society announced on December 23 that Prof. W. P. Jorissen is retiring from the editorship of the Chemisch Weekblad after serving that journal for thirty years. Although Holland is a small country, it has for many centuries been to the fore in the advancement of science, and Prof. Jorissen, who celebrated his seventieth birthday on November 11, 1939, will rank as one of the country's most distinguished chemists. Since his first paper in 1894 dealing with the oxidation of phosphorus, he and his collaborators have contributed many papers from the laboratory for physical chemistry at the University of Leyden. The most important of these deal with his detailed study of the regions of reactions among gases, and even among solids, and with the physical chemistry of explosions (notably the limits). In addition to his academic and research activities at Leyden, Prof. Jorissen, who is an excellent linguist, was editor-in-chief of the Recueil des travaux chimiques des Pays-Bas as well as of the Chemisch Weekblad, This brought him into lasting contact with the many British chemists who have had occasion to contribute to this Netherlands monthly journal, which publishes communications in French, German and English. We join with his Netherlands colleagues in wishing Prof. Jorissen a long and happy retirement.

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