Royal Meteorological Society: Symons Gold Medal


    THE decision of the Council of the Royal Meteorological Society to award the Symons Gold Medal for 1940 to Dr. J. Bjerknes will be very popular among British meteorologists, to whom he has become well known during his frequent visits to this country. In 1932 the Medal was awarded to his father, Prof. V. Bjerknes, and it is fitting that the son, who shared the work, should also share the honours. Dr. J. Bjerknes is well known for his numerous and penetrating memoirs on the structure of barometric depressions and on the mechanism of the atmospheric circulation. Among his earlier papers we may mention "On the Structure of Moving Cyclones" (1919), and (with H. Solberg) "Meteorological Conditions for the Formation of Rain" (1921), and "The Life Cycle of Cyclones and the Polar Front Theory of Atmospheric Circulation" (1922) in which he laid down the principle of 'cyclone families' and emphasized the role taken by depressions as an integral part of the exchange of air between high and low latitudes.

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