Action Potentials Recorded from Inside a Nerve Fibre

  • Nature volume 144, pages 710711 (21 October 1939)
  • doi:10.1038/144710a0
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NERVOUS messages are invariably associated with an electrical change known as the action potential. This potential is generally believed to arise at a membrane which is situated between the axoplasm and the external medium. If this theory is correct, it should be possible to record the action potential between an electrode inside a nerve fibre and the conducting fluid outside it. Most nerve fibres are too small for this to be tested directly, but we have recently succeeded in inserting micro-electrodes into the giant axons of squids (Loligo forbesi)1.

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  1. 1.

    , Proc. Roy. Soc., B, 121, 319 (1936).

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  1. Laboratory of the Marine Biological Association, Plymouth. August 20.

    • A. L. HODGKIN
    •  & A. F. HUXLEY


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