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    ONCE more the burden of war is laid upon us. Once more, as in 1914, the cynical disregard of Germany for the rights of small nations has constrained the British people to take up arms in the cause of justice and fair dealing in international relations. The challenge of the German Reich has been accepted reluctantly, and with no illusions as to the nature of the glories of modern warfare, only after every effort to secure a peaceful but equitable settlement of the differences between Germany and Poland has failed. It has been accepted with full realization of the gravity of every implication of the decision. But in turning to war as the last resort, the British people has acted with a unanimity such as never before in its history, and with a grim determination that no effort shall be spared in the endeavour to ensure that the cause which it holds just shall prevail.

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    The Voice of Science. Nature 144, 455 (1939).

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