Effect of Lipoid Solvents on Vaccinia Virus


THE elementary bodies of the dermal strain of vaccinia virus can be obtained readily from the skin of the infected rabbit's back in suspensions showing a high degree of physical and immunological homogeneity; the virus contains protein, carbohydrate and ether-soluble lipoid material1. We find that, after drying and extraction with benzene or ether, the dry density is increased from 1·26 to 1·31 and it is possible to redisperse the virus residue by mechanical grinding in buffer solution. The appearance by dark-ground examination and the sedimentation constant of the resuspended virus particles are unchanged, and the boundary inhomogoneity is slightly reduced. The infectivity of the virus is unaltered by this treatment and it is therefore probable that the lipoid material extracted with ether (consisting largely of cholesterol and acetono-soluble fat) is derived from the host and adsorbed on the virus.

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