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    SIR NOEL ASHBRIDGE gives a review of the progress being made in broadcasting and television in the Proceedings of the Wireless Section of the Institution of Electrical Engineers of June. The period under review extends from the end of 1934 until the end of 1938. During this period the number of licence-holders in European countries has increased by more than 60 per cent. The details of the Royal tour in America in increasing the popularity of sound broadcasting have not yet been published, but it is known that the excellent broadcasts of sound and television have greatly increased the popularity of the British Broadcasting Company. The second part of Sir Noel's report deals exclusively with television broadcasting. The great improvements made in the quality of the pictures shown, the great trouble taken by the Government Post Office to locate the position and find out the cause of the interference, when complaints are made, and the remedies they suggest, in many cases completely eliminating the trouble, have satisfied the users in nearly every district. The nominal hours of transmission are now from 3 to 4 p.m.; and from 9 to 10 p.m. The vision transmitter and the studio and control room equipment at the Alexandra Palace Station have been considerably improved; in particular, an improved type of ‘Emitron’ tube, known as the long-gun type, is now in use for studio work. It is now possible to obtain very satisfactory results with telephoto lenses. Satisfactory reception is possible up to a radius of about thirty miles from the Palace. In exceptional cases reception has been reported up to 200 miles. It is hoped that in the future international standardization with regard to definition and picture frequency may become available, as the absence of a common standard would be a most serious drawback.

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