International Congress of Americanists in Mexico City


    THE twenty-seventh International Congress of Americanists was held in Mexico City during August 5–15. General Cardenas was honorary president of the Congress, the acting president being Dr. Alfonso Caso, director of the National Institute of Archæology and History, whose excavations on Monte Alban have so greatly enriched the national collections of pre-Hispanic antiquities. Mr. T. A. Joyce, formerly of the Ethnographic Department of the British Museum, and Dr. Paul Rivet, of the Musée de l'Homme, Paris, and the foremost authority in France on the ancient indigenous peoples of America, were among those elected as vice-presidents for the meeting. According to a dispatch from the correspondent of The Times in the issue of August 8, 120 European and 180 Mexican and other American archæologists, anthropologists, and historians attended at the Congress. Communications were submitted in nine sections, which included anthropogeography, physical anthropology, American prehistory and archæology, as well as a section devoted specially to the prehistory and archæology of Mexico, linguistics, social anthropology and a section dealing with the practical problems which affect the indigenous and negro population of the continent. Excursions were made to archæological sites at Acolman, Teotihucan, Tenayuca, Tepotztlan, and the now famous Monte Alban.

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