The Cyclotron and Biological and Medical Research


    DR. G. E. HARRISON, lecturer in physics, in the University of Birmingham, has been elected to a Rockefeller Foundation fellowship in natural science which will enable him to spend a year at Berkeley University, California, studying under Profs. J. H. and E. O. Lawrence. The object of the visit is to acquire first-hand knowledge of the application of neutrons to biological and therapeutic research, in which the Profs. Lawrence have opened up a new field the exploration of which seems likely to be of first-rate importance in the treatment of disease. Berkeley University, where Prof. Lawrence constructed his cyclotron and has developed his own technique, is unique in facilities for the production of neutrons and artificial radioactive substances. When the large cyclotron which Prof. Oliphant is building for research in nuclear physics in the Physics Department of the University of Birmingham is completed, this University, in which the Physics Department and new Medical School are in close proximity, will be in an exceptionally favourable position for the promotion of the therapeutic and physiological investigations which Prof. Lawrence at Berkeley and Prof. Hevesy at Copenhagen have so strikingly originated. It is hoped that on his return from California, Dr. Harrison will organize and direct research in these subjects in the University of Birmingham.

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