Earthquakes registered at De Bilt during 1936


    The “Seismische Registrierungen in De Bilt”, 24; 1936, published in November 1938 and written by Dr. G. Van Dijk with a foreword by Dr. H. G. Cannegieter, contains a description of the instruments in use at the station with the constants necessary for the interpretation of the seismograms obtained, a list of the abbreviations used, acknowledgments, a short paragraph on microseisms together with a table, followed by fifty-three pages in small clear type of the earthquakes recorded. This record contains details of 443 earthquakes, giving in each case the date, phase and time of recording, the period of the phase, direction of initial impulse and remarks. the remarks consist chiefly of amplitudes, epicentre, and readings obtained by other observers who have communicated with De Bilt. A very sound practico has been not to give the recorded timo of every prominent pulse but to limit the identifications to P, PP, PPP, S, SS, SSS, L, and M phases, so presenting very valuable data for seismological research in many directions.

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