The Colonial Problem


    The proposals of the Labour and Peace movements for dealing with the colonial question are examined in a pamphlet “New Tendencies in Colonial Policy” issued by the Pacifist Research Bureau (New Tendencies in Colonial Policy. With an Introduction by Leonard Barnes. Pp. 16. London: Pacifist Research Bureau, 1939. 2d.).It is argued that there are only two alternatives: an extended and rearranged imperialism with new rival imperialisms of greater equality and an ultimate clash between them; or the removal of existing imperialisms and their substitution by a great conception of civilization's responsibility for the so-called uncivilized, with an equally great conception of world economic organization. The necessity of conforming to the wishes, or, at least, obtaining the consent of the native peoples in all matters affecting their welfare is also emphasized, including the application of this principle not only to the mandated territories but also in other colonial questions. the problem is further discussed in another pamphlet issued by the Bureau, “War and the Colonies” (War and the Colonies: a Policy for Socialists and Pacifists. Pp.16. London: Pacifist Research Bureau, 1939. 2d.), in which proposals for a world conference to effect the liquidation of imperialism are briefly outlined.

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