A Text in Human Physiology


A TITLE such as “The Living Body” raises the hope that this is no ordinary text-book of physiology for medical students designed for a group of readers who have already passed their first medical examination and are now studying not only physiology but also anatomy and biochemistry, on each of which they read special books. “The Living Body” suggests, and according to the authors’ preface rightly so, an elementary account of how our bodies work, which includes everything, anatomy, histology, biochemistry, as well as the topics commonly included in the narrower sense of medical physiology. Only the most elementary knowledge of physics and chemistry is presupposed, and such a book might well be designed for the intelligent layman who remembers a little of the science he did at school, for nurses, and for others who are not concerned with more specialized aspects of the subject.

A Text in Human Physiology

By Prof. Charles Herbert Best Prof. Norman Burke Taylor. Pp. xxii + 563 + 15 plates. (London: Chapman and Hall, Ltd., 1939.) 18s. net.


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