Relation between the Secretory Cells of the Pars Nervosa of the Hypophysis and Classical Neuroglia

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GERSH1 has shown that the glial cells of the pars nervosa—the pituicytes of Bucy2—are responsible for the secretion of the anti-diuretic principle of the posterior lobe. I have presented additional evidence3 which demonstrates that these cells elaborate the pars nervosa hormones. By the use of silver carbonate methods for neuroglia, developed by the Spanish school, Bucy showed that the pituicytes, like neuroglial astrocytes in the central nervous system, possess cytoplasmic processes, one or more of which end on connective tissue either in the form of pia, of that around blood vessels, or of septa. The pituicytes, however, are impregnated most satisfactorily by methods which demonstrate consistently neuroglial oligodendrocytes (these have cytoplasmic processes but no vascular attachments in contradistinction to astrocytes) and mesodermal microglia. Astrocytes are usually not impregnated by these methods.

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GRIFFITHS, M. Relation between the Secretory Cells of the Pars Nervosa of the Hypophysis and Classical Neuroglia. Nature 143, 984–985 (1939) doi:10.1038/143984c0

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