Earthquake in Greece

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    ACCORDING to a, Times message, a severe earthquake was felt on Wednesday, May 31, with most damage being done near Kalavryta, about midway between Patras and Corinth on the Island of Morea in the south of Greece. The epicentre appears to have been near lat. 38° 1′ N., long. 22° 8′ E. Earthquakes are not uncommon in Greece though some areas are more seismic than others. Recently earthquakes appear to have occurred mostly near Chalcis, north of Athens, but the present shock may indicate that seismicity has again moved south. There is apparently a seismic zone stretching in an east-west direction across Greece and passing through the present epicentre, for Davison noted 306 shocks during 1896 near the Island of Zante, and there was a very severe shock near Corinth on April 22, 1928. Miss Bellamy has also recorded 27 distinct shocks from epicentres between lat. 37-5° N. and 38-5° N., long. 21-5° E. and 23-2° E., during the years 1913-30. In the present instance, a considerable amount of damage was done to property at Kalavryta, but no casualties are reported.

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