Medical Supervision of University Students

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    IN his inaugural thesis (These de Paris, No. 136; 1939), Dr. L. Katz maintains that there is an increasing tendency in modern universities not only to provide a professional centre for students but also to supervise their mode of life, work and health, so that they can pursue their studies under the best conditions. It is in the United States that the oldest and most important university health centres have been founded, the object of which is threefold, namely: (1) to provide the students with a personal medical service including medical examination on joining, medical supervision in the course of their studies and sometimes in the treatment of illness, and medical supervision of sport; (2) to supply all students with an elementary knowledge of hygiene; and (3) to insure a hygienic condition of the universities and the life and work of the students. In European countries a similar movement is on foot, though it has not reached the same development as in the United States. The medical centres in European universities, especially in France, confine their activities to prevention and education.

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