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    THAT the leaders of science in Czechoslovakia have made every endeavour to continue scientific investigations during the past fateful year is indicated by the fifteenth annual report of their National Research Council. At the annual general meeting in March, Prof. B. NSmec referred to the interruption of scientific work occasioned by the country's loss of territory and institutions. Research activities were therefore upon a restricted basis though, he emphasized, it is necessary for a small nation to maintain its cultural activities at the highest possible level. He urged that renewed efforts be made to utilize all the country's remaining scientific institutions and resources for the continuance of all programmes of research. Dr. Ulrich, secretary of the Council, stated that donations were received from industries, corporations and private individuals so that as many students as funds permitted are being supported in the continuance of their work. Investigations in all branches of the natural sciences are still in progress at the universities and at approved institutes. This report also contains a brief account of work completed during the past year by research workers supported by the National Research Council, and the hope may be expressed that it will now continue uninterrupted by further disturbances.

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    The Czechoslovak Research Council. Nature 143, 974–975 (1939) doi:10.1038/143974d0

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