Baking Quality Tests for Flour

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    IN 1934 the Imperial Bureau of Plant Breeding and Genetics published its first bibliography of papers on baking quality tests, which was an immediate success, and in a new supplement recently issued (Imperial Bureau of Plant Breeding and Genetics. Bibliography of Baking Quality Tests, Supplement. Pp. 32. Cambridge: School of Agriculture, 1939. Is. 6d.) the Bureau has fully maintained the high standard it set itself in the earlier publication. A list of more than three hundred and thirty titles to original papers is given here, set out in alphabetical order. The list is remarkably complete and no really important communication appears to have been overlooked. One excellent feature of this bibliography which greatly commends it is the translation of the titles of the foreign publications into English. At the present time, extensive investigations are being made in Great Britain and abroad on the physical properties of dough and its connexion with the baking quality of flour. The baking test, as such, has admittedly many disadvantages, and it is the ultimate aim of workers in this field to supplement the baking test by some other and better standard, and the Imperial Bureau of Plant Breeding and Genetics has rendered a most useful service to those engaged in this particular line of investigation by the publication of this supplement. The bibliography shows almost at a glance where further information may be obtained of what is being done in this highly important and interesting field.

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    Baking Quality Tests for Flour. Nature 143, 973–974 (1939) doi:10.1038/143973c0

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