Improvements in Submarine Telephony in 1938

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    IN the Engineering Supplement to the Siemens' Magazine of May, an account is given of three submarine cables laid last year to the order of the British Post Office and manufactured by Submarine Cables, Ltd. The first is an additional cable between Nevin (North Wales) and Howth (Eire). The second connects Dartmouth (Devonshire) and Guernsey and the third is laid between Guernsey and Jersey. The cables are of the concentric type insulated by para-gutta and, with the exception of the sheathing, which is made suitable to the conditions prevailing round the British Isles, are similar to the cable laid three years ago from Australia across the Bass Strait. The C.S. Faraday left Greenwich in July 1938 carrying the Anglo-Eire and the two Channel Islands cables, weighing in all 1,440 tons. When the cable had been laid for ten miles from Nevin, a dense fog came on which completely obscured the buoys marking the course, but nevertheless the ship proceeded on its course and luckily sighted a marked buoy when the fog cleared. The submarine cables are operated by two carrier frequency systems the terminals of which are at Dublin and Nevin, with intermediate repeaters at Howth. The two concentric cables carry eighteen telegraph and fifteen telephone circuits. The laying of the Channel Islands cables presented little difficulty. A single core cable, which had formerly been part of an Atlantic telegraph cable, was relaid in 1914 between Compass Cove, near Dartmouth and Plemont, Jersey. In 1931 this was diverted into Saints Bay, Guernsey, to provide a telephone channel between England and Guernsey. The new cables provide two telephone circuits between England and Guernsey, and six telephone circuits between England and Jersey.

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