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    THE Society of Rheology was founded in 1929 to further the study of the deformation and flow of matter in the broadest sense. The tenth annual meeting was held at the end of last year. At the banquet it was pointed out that expenses were not being met, and a discussion took place on the status of the Society and its publications programme. The policy favoured, almost unanimously, was to continue publication of the Rheology Leaflet and to enlarge it to include invitation review papers, while ordinary research papers would be published, as at present, in the Journal of Applied Physics. It was agreed that abstracts and bibliographies should be limited to those covering specific topics (not specified in the report) and that no attempt should be made at any complete covering of Theological literature. The co-operation of members was sought for increasing membership, but it was not mentioned how far this drive was to be international. The obvious method of circularizing authors of papers on rheological subjects, which does not seem to have been carried out in the past, was not mentioned. Rheology is one of those fields which include several sciences-physics, chemistry and physical chemistry and, of late years, biology. Its importance and scope are only now beginning to be generally recognized. Given the necessary increase of support, the Society should then fulfil a very useful function. It would be especially valuable if its finances reached the point where it became possible to list (without full abstracting) all papers bearing on the subject. Now the Society is staking its reserves on the drive for increased membership in such manner that they will be exhausted in two years if the drive fails. It is to be hoped that the Society will receive the required support. Those interested should apply to the American Institute of Physics, 175 Fifth Avenue, New York. The subscription for associate members, who will receive the Rheology Leaflet, is 2.50 dollars.

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