Scientific Psychology in France

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    THE centenary of the birth of Theodule Ribot, and the jubilee of the foundation of the chair of experimental psychology in the College de France, of the Laboratory of physiological psychology at the Sorbonrie, and of the famous thesis, “L'Automatisme psychologique”, submitted by Pierre Janet, will be celebrated by a gathering at the Sorbonne on June 22, under the presidency of the Minister of National Education. Among those who will take part will be E. Faral, head of the College de France, Prof. P. Janet, and Prof. H. Pieron, who succeeded Binet as director of the laboratory at the Sorbonne. A jubilee volume, in which many psychologists are collaborating, is to be published in honour of Ribot, Binet and Janet, who were the pioneers of scientific psychology in France in its chief lines of advance, namely, physiological psychology and laboratory investigations, the study of the child, pathological psychology and the study of mental anomalies. The general principle of the comparative method affirmed by Ribot has dominated the development of scientific psychology in France, and has contributed notably to the application to teaching and to industry of the science of the mind. The secretary of the committee responsible for the commemoration is Prof. H. Pieron, College de France, Paris.

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    Scientific Psychology in France. Nature 143, 970 (1939) doi:10.1038/143970c0

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