Appointments for Research in Tropical Medicine

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    THE Medical Research Council is offering up to three junior fellowships to qualified medical men or women wishing to receive training with a view to careers in research work in tropical medicine. The fellowships will be tenable for three years. The stipend will be at the rates of £300, £400 and £500 per annum in the successive years, with an additional allowance during service abroad and necessary expenses. In three years' time, at least one senior fellowship will be available for candidates who have held the junior fellowships mentioned above. This will be awarded for a further period of three years, carrying stipend at the rate of £600-£750 per annum, with an additional allowance during service abroad and expenses. The Council is also prepared to consider immediate applications for senior fellowships from candidates who have had adequate experience in research work, whether already specially trained in tropical medicine or not. The Council further intends to establish in due course, as suitable investigators become available as the result of the fellowships scheme, permanent and pensionable appointments for research work in tropical medicine, including senior posts. Further information can be obtained from the Secretary, Tropical Medical Research Committee, 38 Old Queen Street, London, S.W.I, with whom applications should be lodged not later than June 19, 1939.

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