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    THE ninety-ninth volume of the Journal of the Royal Agricultural Society of England has now been published (price 15s.). It includes, as in the previous volume, “The Farmer's Guide to Agricultural Research”, which this year contains an additional section on pests and parasites. As usual, the subjects of the special articles cover a wide field of interest. Agricultural long-term credit facilities in Great Britain are discussed, and farm organization on the silt soils of Holland, Lincolnshire, described. A detailed account is also given of the life-history, distribution and control of bracken, from which there can be no doubt as to the need for urgency in undertaking means for its eradication. The starling is the subject of a further article, and at present it seems uncertain whether it should be regarded as a friend or enemy of the farmer. The Warnford Farm Estate, where pig breeding and bacon production are carried out on a vast scale, has been selected as this year's “Notable Farming Enterprise”.

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    Journal of the Royal Agricultural Society. Nature 143, 935 (1939) doi:10.1038/143935d0

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