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    THE third annual report of the Inland Water Survey Committee, issued by the Ministry of Health and the Scottish Office (H.M. Stationery Office, 4d. net), while recording a year of useful activity in various directions, chiefly with the aid of external agencies, finds occasion to express disappointment at the results achieved and to state the conviction of the Committee that action should be taken by the Government, financially or otherwise, for ensuring the extension of the work in both England and Wales and Scotland. The Committee points out that it has no staff at its disposal for taking actual measurements, and that it has to rely in England and Wales (and to some extent in Scotland) on voluntary action by catchment boards and others for the execution of this part of the work of the Survey. It finds, moreover, that relatively very few suitable records of river flow are being kept, and that neither the information available from water undertakers, nor that from catchment boards, is sufficient in scope or adequate in quality to enable a comprehensive survey to be made. It is convinced that in order to be of real use, such a survey should be carried out on similar lines to the Ordnance Survey or the Geological Survey in their respective fields. It may be pointed out that this was precisely the view taken by the British Association Committee four years ago, when the Government reluctantly agreed at its instance to institute a survey.

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    Inland Water Survey Report. Nature 143, 933 (1939) doi:10.1038/143933a0

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