L'Antenne Rayonnante

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THIS publication is a monograph describing a mathematical analysis of the current distribution in antennas of various forms and of the resulting radiation therefrom. The classical theory of the problem is outlined, and the author then obtains solutions and an analysis of the appropriate coefficients to a closer degree of approximation than hitherto. After considering the vertical anenna of uniform cross-section, he deals with the spindle (or cigar-shape) and pyramidal forms of antennae that are now in such common use at radio transmitting stations. The dipole antenna is also dealt with. The final chapter describes experiments carried out with model antennae of various shapes of about 1-5 metres in height using oscillations of wave-length 2-5 metres. The current distribution in these models was measured and the resulting radiation deduced for comparison with the theoretical analysis.

L'Antenne Rayonnante

Par Pierre Baudoux. (Institut Belge de Recherches Radioscientifiques, vol. 7.) Pp. 235. (Paris: Gauthier-Villars et Cie., 1938.) 40 francs.

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S. R., R. L'Antenne Rayonnante. Nature 143, 920 (1939) doi:10.1038/143920d0

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