Whither the Gas Industry?

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    THE “independent non-party group” concerning itself with “Political and Economic Planning” under the suggestively abbreviated title PEP, has added to its publications a “Report on the Gas Industry in Great Britain”. This report has been produced by the Gas Group of PEP and will be followed, we are told, by a more comprehensive PEP report on fuel policy in Great Britain, for the purposes of which the findings of the coal, gas and electricity groups will be re-examined. The work has been well done and presents a picture of the gas industry as it exists to-day of a kind that, for interesting and revealing detail, has no rival. The development of the industry through various phases is also indicated with clarity, which is very desirable for a full understanding of the present situation and future possibilities.

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    Whither the Gas Industry?. Nature 143, 913–914 (1939) doi:10.1038/143913a0

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