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Earthquakes Recorded at Tokyo

Nature volume 143, page 595 (08 April 1939) | Download Citation



WE have received the seismometrical report of the Earthquake Research Institute, Tokyo Imperial University, 1938, parts 1-2 (Jan. 1-June 30, 1938). This includes a first list of twelve stations attached to the Institute together with their latitude and longitude co-ordinates to the nearest second of arc, and their distances in kilometres from Tokyo. Following this is a table of twenty-two earthquakes sensible in Tokyo during the period under consideration. It would be an improvement if the headings to the columns in this table were given in English, as well as in Japanese. Next is a map on a square of approximately 3° edge having Tokyo at the centre, showing the distribution of the epicentres. It is notable that these are elongated in a direction north-east-south-west, and otherwise fairly uniformly distributed. Eight are submarine and off the north-east coast of the main island of Japan. Finally there are twelve reproductions of seismograms from the Tokyo (Hongo) station for the shocks of February 7, May 23 and June 6, six being normal and six acceleration seismograph diagrams, all very well reproduced. The publication provides valuable data for seismological studies.

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