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Insurance Against Natural Calamities

Nature volume 143, page 595 (08 April 1939) | Download Citation



THIS is a matter which has received a considerable amount of attention from time to tune, and here and there premiums against such risk have been accepted, but in general, however, such risks are not taken by companies except for abnormally high premiums, for the simple reason that the place, time and destructive energy of the phenomena cannot be fore; told, nor do they occur with any regularity. The problem has been examined by H. Lanz-Stauffer (Revue pour l'étude des calamités, 1, No. 3; 1938). The first international conference on this topic, held in Paris on September 13-17, 1937, expressed the hope that research would be made into the problem of the application of the principles of insurance to natural calamities, an application considered until the present time not capable of realization. The author considers the problem from three different angles with regard to the Union Internationale de Secours: (1) with the Union as the insurer against the risk; (2) with the Union as the insured party against the risk; (3) with the Union encouraging in a general manner insurance against such calamities and contributing to its realization. The article may be commended to those concerned with insurance against damage by earthquakes, tornadoes and the like.

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