Population Problems in Relation to Refugees

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    WHETHER as indicated by the support accorded to the work of the Society for the Protection of Science and Learning, or by the care taken of individual refugees in particular universities, and the efforts made to find opportunities for men of learning to continue their teaching and investigations, the universities of Great Britain have nobly accepted their responsibilities and shouldered burdens o which have often involved individuals in real Sacrifice. By the universities at least this practical task of caring for refugee men of science and learning has been recognized as an inseparable part of the task of preserving for mankind its full privileges of freedom of thoiight and investigation. Nevertheless, Sir John Hope Simpson can conclude in his study of the refugee problem that Great Britain's record in the admission of refugees is not distinguished when compared with that of France, Czechoslovakia or the United States of America.

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    Population Problems in Relation to Refugees. Nature 143, 1041–1043 (1939) doi:10.1038/1431041a0

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