The Colonial Service: Recent Appointments

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    THE following appointments and promotions in the Colonial Service have been made: F. E. Reid, chemist, Institute of Medical Research, Federated Malay States; Dr. W. Rintoul, assistant analyst, Straits Settlements; A. Huddleston, geologist, Gold Coast; L. H. Lester, veterinary officer, Uganda; B. E. Webb, utilisation officer, Forestry Department, Tanganyika Territory; G. K. G. Campbell (agricultural officer), botanist, Nigeria; E. F. Martin (agricultural officer), senior agricultural officer, Uganda; R. O. Williams (chief horticultural officer, Palestine), deputy director of agriculture, Trinidad; W. D. MacGregor (conservator of forests, Nigeria), conservator of forests, Sierra Leone; J. N. Oliphant (director of the Imperial Forestry Institute, Oxford, and formerly department director of forestry, Malaya), chief conservator of forests, Nigeria; Captain R. L. Creery (veterinary officer), senior veterinary officer, Kenya; W. G. Emerson (veterinary officer), senior veterinary officer, Kenya; W. Fotheringham (veterinary officer), senior veterinary research officer, Kenya; F. H. Geake (assistant analyst, Straits Settlements), chemist, Customs and Excise Department, Federated Malay States.

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