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    THE Trustees of the Lady Tata Memorial Fund announce that, on the recommendation of the Scientific Advisory Committee, they have made the following awards for research in blood diseases with special reference to leukaemia, in the academic year beginning on October 1, 1939. Grants for research expenses: Dr. Jorgen Bichel (Aarhus, Denmark); Dr. Julius Engelbreth-Holm (Copenhagen); Dr. Maurice P. J. Guerin (Paris); Prof. Karl Jarmai (Budapest); Prof. James Mclntosh (London); Prof. Eugene L. Opie and Dr. Jacob Furth (New York); and Dr. Joachim Wienbeck (Breslau). A part-tune personal grant and grant for research expenses has been made to Dr. Werner Jacobson (Cambridge), and a whole-time scholarship awarded to Dr. Edoardo Storti (Pavia).

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    Lady Tata Memorial Trust. Nature 143, 1019 (1939) doi:10.1038/1431019b0

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