Physics of Metals

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    THE University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is organizing a summer course during July 6-August 11 on the “Physics of Metals”, which will deal with the fundamental structure of metals and other solids. An attempt will be made to understand the nature of the forces which make pure metals and alloys hard or soft, ductile or brittle, good or bad conductors of electricity, etc. The lecturers include: Dr. John C. Slater, head of the Department of Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Dr. M. F. Manning, University of Pittsburgh; Dr. W. Shockley, Bell Telephone Laboratories; Dr. Frederick Seitz, University of Pennsylvania; and Dr. E. U. Condon, associate director, Westinghouse Research Laboratory. Further particulars can be obtained from Prof. E. Hutchisson, University of Pittsburgh.

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    Physics of Metals. Nature 143, 1018 (1939) doi:10.1038/1431018e0

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