Physical Society's Rutherford Memorial Lecture

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    IT is right and fitting that we should, in due season, praise the work of famous men, and no man has left the impress of his work and personality more deeply graven on the structure of modern physical science than has Ernest Rutherford. It has been said with truth that he was on the crest of the wave of scientific advance; it has been said, with deeper truth, that he made the wave. A memorial lecture is a useful and appropriate form of homage, which has been adopted by the Physical Society, it was announced at the summer meeting of the Society held at University College, Southampton, on June 9. The Society's Rutherford Memorial Lecture is to be given annually between October and March, and to be devoted to an address on some topic concerning recent advances in atomic and nuclear physics. The first lecture will be given in the session 1939-40.

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    Physical Society's Rutherford Memorial Lecture. Nature 143, 1018 (1939) doi:10.1038/1431018c0

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