Recent Earthquakes

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    THE recently enhanced seismic activity has con-tinued. Several strong earthquakes and tremors have been experienced in many widely separated places. On May 6, violent tremors were felt in Chile, especially in the neighbourhood of the epicentre of the destructive shock of January 24. Many buildings damaged previously in Chilian, San Carlos and Parral collapsed, but there was no loss of life. Port of Spain, Trinidad, experienced a severe tremor on the evening of May 7, but no damage was reported and there were no casualties. On the morning of May 8, a severe tremor occurred in the neighbourhood of Athens but again no damage is reported. The strongest shock, however, was on the morning of May 8. Provisional readings of the initial pulses (P waves) of seismograms and calculated epicentral distances are as follows: Kew, Ih. 51m. 48s. (com-pressional), A, nearly 23°; Paris, Ih. 51m. 55s., A, 2,540 km.; Uccle, Ih. 52m. 11s. (compressional), A, 2,700 km.; Hamburg, Ih. 52m. 50s., A, 3,100 km.; De Bilt, Ih. 52m. 21s., A, about 24-5°. The shock was also recorded at West Bromwich, and at Selfridges in London the maximum double amplitude was nearly 6. These readings point to an epicentre in the Azores at approximately latitude 37° N., longitude 24° W., with normal depth of focus, and initial time approximately Ih. 46m. 50s. G.C.T. Reports from Ponta Delgada state that at about this time a severe earth tremor lasting about twenty-five seconds was experienced on Sao Miguel Island in the Azores but no damage was caused. The shock was preceded by unusual heat and terrifying underground rumblings. It is known that a definite band of epicentres lies near the Dolphin or North Atlantic Divide on which the Azores are situated, although earthquakes are not so numerous on this band as in the Mediterranean or circum-Pacific regions of instability.

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