Dr. George Senter

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    DR. GEORGE SKNTEB, principal of Birkbeck College, University of London, since 1918, retires at the end of the current session. He became head of the Department of Chemistry at the College in 1914 and retained that position until 1932. His principalship has been a memorable one. In 1920 the College was recognized as a school of the University of London and in 1926 a Royal Charter was granted. The College thereby realized an ambition which existed so far back as 1863, when courses of instruction for University of London examinations were instituted. Further, Principal Senter has played a major part in the elaboration of the scheme for new buildings which are to be erected on the University site at Bloomsbury. His sound judgment and wide administrative experience have been of the greatest value in University affairs. Principal Senter first became a member of the Senate in 1912, was for many years chairman of the University Extension and Tutorial Classes Council and chairman of the University Scholarships Committee, and held the office of deputy vice-chancellor in 1933-34. To this record of distinguished service must be added the profound influence which Dr. Senter has exerted as investigator, teacher and writer in the realm of chemistry. He has contributed many important communications to scientific journals on physico-chemical and biochemical subjects and his “Outlines of Physical Chemistry”. (17th Edition, 1933) and “Text Book of Inorganic Chemistry” (14th Edition, 1934) bear witness to his distinction as a writer and teacher. Recently the staff of Birkbeck College made a presentation to Principal Senter, which in the words of Prof. Dame Helen Gwynne-Vaughan, the chairman on that occasion, “will be a frequent reminder of the affectionate regard-the enduring respect-of those with whom he has worked so long”.

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