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Correlations and Culture: a Study in Technique*

Nature volume 142, pages 737741 (22 October 1938) | Download Citation



GEOGRAPHY links the four 'environmental sciences' of geology, physics, astronomy, botany, with the four 'human sciences' of history, anthropology, sociology and economics. There are vast uncharted areas on the borders of regional geography-the core of our discipline-which merge into the eight subjects specified. Among professional geographers, the great majority will always carry on the vital work in the central fields -but we may always hope for Raleighs, Drakes, Hawkins's, and Dampiers, who will explore far afield and extend our realms. They will perchance trespass on other empires ; and doubtless some conservative historians and anthropologists will call them buccaneers or pirates. Dropping metaphor, I firmly believe that by applying techniques learnt in the realms of geography, biology and geology-· and carried across to anthropology, history and sociology- such pioneers will ultimately earn the respect of the leaders in the 'purer' social sciences. But I must caution any piratical young geographer who cruises in strange waters that his reward, if any, will probably be a posthumous one.

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