Inhibition of Adventitious Bud Initiation in Hypocotyls of Flax by Indole-3-Acetic Acid and Flax Extract


HYPOCOTYLS of intact flax plants (Linum usit-atissimum L.) rarely develop buds. If decapitated, the young hypocotyl initiates adventitious buds some of which develop into flowering shoots1. The result is the same if both the cotyledonary buds and the epicotyl are removed, but the cotyledons are allowed to remain. Hypocotyls of plants with cotyledons and the young epicotyl enclosed in a plaster cast remain budless. Segments of hypocotyls2and of internodes occasionally initiate buds. These findings suggested that bud initiation is under hormonal control which is disturbed by partial or complete isolation.

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LINK, G., EGGERS, V. Inhibition of Adventitious Bud Initiation in Hypocotyls of Flax by Indole-3-Acetic Acid and Flax Extract. Nature 142, 398–399 (1938).

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