Safety in the Chemical Industry


    IN 1928, the council of the Association of British Chemical Manufacturers decided to prepare and issue to its members for their guidance a set of model safety rules for use in chemical works. These rules were based on the Factory and Workshop Act, the Chemical Works Regulations, the Electricity Regulations and similar statutory provisions, together with other precautions suggested from experience, and they represented the first attempt to draw up a comprehensive safety code for the chemical industry. The first part of the model rules, consisting of the proposed safety rules in concise form, was completed and issued in provisional form early in 1929. Various amendments and additions have been suggested in the light of the experience gained during the past nine years, and this part has now been issued in final form covering the provisions of the new Factories Act, 1937. It is in the nature of an introduction to Part 2, the first section of which was also issued in 1929, and it is hoped to revise and complete it also for issue at an early date. The model rules, Part 1, consist of eight sections, the first being a general section. The following sections deal with rules for the design and operation of plant with fire and explosive risks, for plant involving risks from gas, vapour, fume or dust, for plant involving dangers from contact with corrosive or deleterious substances and for plant involving other risks. The last three sections deal with fire protection, first aid, and with welfare. The publication is a part of the services provided for by the Association for its members, but so much importance is attached to dissemination of safety information that the Association is prepared to supply copies to firms outside its own membership on special request.

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