The Centro Volpi di Elettrologia


    COUNT VOLPI DI MISUKATA, whose name is associated with many important Italian electric companies, has decided, in the interests of science, to create an institution in Italy to promote the knowledge of, and research in, electrical science. He has presented the magnificent Vendramin-Calergi Palace in Venice to serve as a home for the new institution which will be known as the Centro Volpi di Elettrologia after its founder. It is so arranged that it works in harmony with other existing Italian scientific societies. Its principal object is the improvement of electrical knowledge by means of new cultural exchanges between Italian and foreign scientists. Its main activities will be to publish a bulletin giving summaries of recent Italian researches, translated into various languages in different editions for distribution abroad. It will also promote international congresses and meetings of men of science in the quiet Venetian palace so that they may advance electrical knowledge by exchanging ideas on specific scientific questions.

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