Changing Outlook of Engineering Science


    IN Section G (Engineering), seeking a topic of concern to both practising and academic members of his audience, the president, Prof. R. V. Southwell, undertakes a general stocktakings-to view the trend of engineering science regarded both as an art and as a field for study, teaching and research. He divides his presidential address into three main sections, dealing (1) with policy in regard to the teaching of engineering science, (2) with policy in regard to engineering research, and (3) with 'foreign policy'—the relation of the engineer to the community ; its keynote throughout being that in the changing circumstances of to-day engineers, whether practical or academic, must frame their policies in collaboration, not wait for action to be forced on them by pressure from without.

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    Changing Outlook of Engineering Science. Nature 142, 344–345 (1938).

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