Fungus Diseases of Animals


    A NEW journal devoted to the fungus diseases of man and other animals has recently commenced publication (Mycopathologia, Den Haag, Dr. W. Junk, 18 Dutch florins per volume, 1, Fasc. 1, 80 pp. May 1938). The publication is international ; it is edited in Italy and printed in Holland ; the United States provides the first number with several authors, whilst the list of collaborators is long and geographically extensive. R. Ciferri, director of the Botanical Laboratory of the Faculty of Agriculture in the University of Florence, and P. Redaelli, director of the Institute of Pathological Anatomy in the University of Padua, are the joint editors. They contribute the first paper on “A New Hypothesis on the Nature of Blastocystis”, This organism shows more affinities with certain algæ than with sporogenous yeasts, and the general biologist will welcome the discovery of a further link between fungi and algae. Classification of fungi belonging to the genus Actinomyces is considered by E. Baldacci of Padua. The rest of the papers in the present number demonstrate the wide scope and outlook of the journal. The papers are all scientific contributions to a little-known section of mycology, and a “Bibliographia Mycopathologia” of references to work published in 1937 adds further utility. The production is excellent, both of type and plates, and the volume should supply a particularly welcome quota of knowledge in Great Britain, where fungal diseases of man are apparently not common enough to provoke research on a large scale.

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