Canadian Tour by Prof. C. D. Ellis, F. R. S


    PROF. C. D. ELLIS, who holds the Wheatstone chair of physics at King's College, London, has been granted leave of absence for the Michaelmas and Lent terms in order to visit all the Canadian universities. The tour has been arranged by the Conference of Canadian Universities. The central idea of the scheme is that he should be able to spend some time, up to a week or ten days, in most of the universities, and have ample opportunity for meeting the staff and discussing matters of interest. While some formal lectures will be given, it is intended to restrict such to the minimum. By adopting this somewhat unusual but enlightened scheme, the Committee of the Conference of Canadian Universities is showing a very real appreciation of the problems involved in scientific co-operation. A formal lecture, followed by a rapid tour of the laboratories, gives no opportunity of knowing the workers and appreciating their researches. With the more extended visits which Prof. Ellis will be able to make, he will have an opportunity of taking a proper share in stimulating discussion. Prof. Ellis is leaving England in September, and will go first to Vancouver, and will visit Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Ottawa and Montreal before Christmas. Starting again in January, he will visit Hamilton, London, Toronto, Kingston, Quebec, Sackville, Halifax, returning to England at the end of March.

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