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    THE sixth General Assembly of the International Scientific Radio Union (Union Radio Scientifique Internationale) will be held in Italy on September 4–14. The U.R.S.I. is one of the constituent bodies of the International Council of Scientific Unions, with its secretariat in Brussels ; and it is concerned with the various scientific aspects of radio communication and radio physics, in many branches of which international discussion and co-operation is beneficial in stimulating both theoretical and experimental research. At the previous general assembly of the U.R.S.I. held in London in 1934, Prof. E. V. Appleton was elected president, and he is also chairman of the British National Committee, of which Dr. E. H. Rayner is secretary. Other members of this committee who will be attending the forthcoming meeting in Italy include Prof. S. Chapman, Mr. T. E. Eckersley, Mr. E. B. Moullin, Mr. J. A. Ratcliffe, Dr. R. L. Smith-Rose and Mr. R. A. Watson Watt. It is anticipated that representatives of some twelve or more other nations will also be in attendance. The work of the General Assembly is divided among five commissions dealing respectively with radio measurements and standards, the propagation of waves, atmospherics, liaison and radio physics. The opening meeting will take place on September 4 at Venice, where most of the business of the Assembly will be carried out during the ensuing week. The formal closing meeting takes place in Rome, and various technical visits and other appropriate engagements of interest are included in the programme.

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