Physical Chemistry of Surfaces: Annual Meeting of the Bunsen-Gesellschaft


THE forty-first annual assembly of the Bunsen-Gesellschaft was held in Breslau on June 2–3, the principal theme of discussion being “The Physical Chemistry of Surfaces”. The symposia of the Bunsen-Gesellschaft are organized somewhat differently from those of its younger sister, the Faraday Society. All papers are delivered in full, only abstracts being available beforehand. Papers delivered fall under three heads: (a) summary reports, invited from various experts, intended between them to cover the whole field of discussion, (b) shorter contributions bearing on the main theme, (c) miscellaneous physico-chemical contributions. (b) and (c) were delivered in parallel sittings. This produced a very full two-day programme with little time for discussion—in fact there was no time whatever for public discussion on section (a). This disadvantage is appreciated, and the society has recently adopted a policy of holding smaller extra Tagungen, more after the model of the Faraday Society, in which discussion can be a principal feature.

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FRANK, F. Physical Chemistry of Surfaces: Annual Meeting of the Bunsen-Gesellschaft. Nature 142, 262–263 (1938).

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