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    THE Yearbook of the Carnegie Institution of Washington, July 1, 1936–June 30, 1937, contains the reports of the Executive Committee and of the president for the year ended October 31, 1937, together with reports on investigations received up to December 10 and a bibliography of publications issued during the year by the Institution or of the Institution's staff through all channels (Washington: Carnegie Institution of Washington). The president's report again refers to the relations between science and social problems and to the importance in society not merely to appreciate the difficulties in interpretation of the influence of science but also to be aware of the interdependence among social elements in the same way that we are aware of the interrelations among elements involved in the unity of Nature. The Geophysical Laboratory has continued researches to determine with all possible precision the underlying causes of geological and geophysical phenomena. A major advance in the terrestrial-magnetic research is reported by Dr. J. A. Fleming, in the proof of the association of a special type of magnetic disturbance and sharp fade-outs of high-frequency radio-wave reflections with bright eruptions in the solar chromosphere. With this advance, the Mount Wilson Observatory was also associated, and the Observatory also expanded greatly the scope of solar investigations with the rapid increase in solar activity. The Division of Plant Biology has continued to study the ecology of the Great Plains and its bearing on the agricultural and human population of that area. The Division of Animal Biology has made several observations fundamental to the cancer problem, and the value of diverse approaches by different groups of workers is well illustrated in this work as in reports from the Divisions of Embryology, the Nutrition Laboratory and the Department of Genetics in the field of endocrinology.

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